About Fiji Eco Tours

Fiji Eco Tours is a 100% fiji owned business established in the jet set town of Nadi. Now located at Lot 13 ATS Subdivision, Votualevu.

Our primary objective is to provide our customers with the best Fijian eco experience available. As such, we offer our services seven days a week and cater for a wide variety of eco activities. Our highly dedicated and professionally trained staff span a wide variety of cultures.

This is one of the unique features that makes Fiji a tropical paradise and a true Pacific treasure trove. A majority of our staff comprise the villagers of the various sites that we visit It is their choice to display the beauty of their homelands to visitors from both foreign and local origin.

The staff of Fiji Eco Tours truly cherish the “Bula!” spirit which defines Fiji. The “Bula!” spirit is reflected in the smiling faces, friendly and harmonious voices that can be seen and heard in Fiji. It is what establishes Fiji as being the way the world should be.

So be sure to carry your “Bula!” spirit at all times and greet everyone you meet with a beaming BULA!!!


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Where we are
Lot 13 ATS Subdivision

Phone: +679-6724312
Mobile: +679-9757146   OR                                          +679-7743586