Real Fiji Eco Accommodation Experience

We are pleased to offer you a variety of eco-friendly accommodation in Fiji that is kind to the environment and allows you to blend in with traditional Fijian living.

Our accommodations consist of village stays in homes or in dormitory style bures. Along with these accommodations, you will be treated to a day tour of the village, traditional welcome ceremony, orchid garden, swim at the local river, get some natural mud therapy at the mud pool and even be treated to an island massage.

It will depend on the area that you are visiting. Contact us for further details. Lunch is normally BBQ style and served with fresh fruits such as papaya, water melons, bananas and other fruits that are in season.

Our current accommodation locations are at  3 village locations. These are:

Abaca Village

Abaca is located within the Koroyanitu National Park which is known for its wonderful views and home to some endangered bird species. By choosing to stay at a local village, you will be helping to sustain the environment in Fiji and assist the villagers to maintain their way of life. Click here for details.

Nalesutale Village

Located at the foot of the Mountain of the Sleeping Giant, Nalesutale is the first Fijian Village that was converted to Christianity about 200 years ago. The accommodations are not fancy but they are comfortable and safe. You can lay back and enjoy true Fijian hospitality at its finest. Click here for details.

Navala Village

Navala is located in the district of Ba on the Western side of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. This village is known as the last truly traditional Fijian Village with all houses being still in the Fijian traditional Bure type building. Click here for details.

For further details, please visit the links to the individual villages that are on this page or via our accommodations menu.