Alexis & Benedicte share their Navala Full Day experience…. Nadi et visite de Navala Village

Here is the Translation in English…

Wananavu partnership for photos and videos.
- Friday, June 3, 2016 -
This morning we have an appointment with Mike Fiji Eco Tours company. We participate in the tour he offers Navala Village, against photos and video. Mike picks us up at around 9am Tia Salmen and then picks up a Ukrainian- Russian couple in a hostel . Navala Fiji is the last village with traditional architecture . It consists of hydrocarbons , typical home that are made of straw and wood . The floors of hydrocarbons are generally made of clay and covered with coconut leaves mats.
Navala Village is 2h30 drive from Nadi .

Mike commented on the way we route , shows the sugar cane processing plant and stopped to buy some candy for the children of the village. We arrive at Navala Village around 11:30 .
This is Josephine , a resident of the village that welcomes us . It will be our guide for the day. Josephine leads us into one of the many homespun village . We are greeted by several villagers who sing us a welcome song accompanied on the ukulele . What follows is a Kava ceremony.
We start then explore the village , with its dozens of bures , school and church. The village was partially destroyed by the cyclone last February and many families are still living in emergency tents pending the reconstruction of their homespun . Navala Village is set in stunning scenery.
Back in the bure , we discover the feast that women have prepared : chicken curry , fish, vegetables, rice and pineapple . We enjoy.
It is a wonderful time , Mike proposes to go to the river. We meet some of the village men returning from fishing, freshly caught fish in hand skewer.
After a few moments of freshness to the river it is already time to resume the direction of Nadi . This day was very nice. We advise those who have little time to Fiji and want to explore the local culture. If you want to fully enjoy the experience , stay overnight in the village. Fiji Eco Tours Visit the site for more info 

- Saturday, June 4, 2016 -
This is our last day in Fiji. We spend a great evening with Tia , Salmen , Abe, a French-Canadian couple who lives in Australia and an American who is on a mission to Fiji with Doctors Without Borders. We share our travel experiences and Tia Salmen and answer all our questions on the Indo-Fijian culture. Last meal of Indian and Thai Rating and buckle our bags . If you are looking for accommodation in Nadi budget , we strongly advise you the room offer Tia and Salmen on AirBnB . Tomorrow is a big day , we leave for South America.
Alexis & Bénédicte